Another year, another FIFA. Although there’s some way to go until it’s on sale there’s always excitement around the latest instalment of the world’s most popular football game.

The dust has barely settled on FIFA 19’s release but like the setting of the sun, a timely sequel is an inevitability. Here’s all the rumours, everything we know and everything we want in FIFA 20.

When is FIFA 20 coming out?

It’s likely to be September 2019. Here are the previous release dates of the series:

FIFA 19: 28 September 2018

FIFA 18: 29 September 2017

FIFA 17: 27 September 2016

FIFA 16: 22 September 2015

FIFA always comes out on a Friday in late September so our educated guess for the FIFA 20 release date is 27 September 2019. Mark your diaries.

What platforms will FIFA 20 be on?

You can bet that FIFA 20 will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC – and most likely a slightly watered-down Switch version.

But beyond that we can’t be sure if the older Xbox 360 and PS3 will get a version. FIFA 19 Legacy Edition is available for the consoles but has the same game engine as older games and doesn’t have the enhancements you find on the higher tier editions of the game.

How much will FIFA 20 cost?

You can assume prices will stay around the same. FIFA 19 retailed at launch for £49.99 in the UK, even though it costs less now.

In the US prices will be around $50, and the Switch and Legacy versions will likely be cheaper globally given their reduced gameplay and features.

What new features will there be in FIFA 20?

At the moment it’s too early to tell. What we do know is FIFA 19 was the third and last chapter in The Journey, a single player mode that follows Alex Hunter form childhood to superstardom.

Whether or not EA Sports replaces it with something similar or serves up a whole new single player campaign is under wraps. We didn’t love The Journey as it was pretty plodding, but it did show off the capabilities of the Frostbite game engine so we have high hopes.

One of the biggest changes could be the way you buy the game. As is happening in the Madden franchise, FIFA might move to a subscription-based model where the latest full version of the game is downloaded as patch on release day.

With so many gamers opting to download games instead of buying a physical copy, the fact many major games need huge patches anyway and that most fans buy the game every year, it’d make sense for FIFA 20 to be the first in a subscription system that ties gamers into an annual digital purchase.

It’s an important move that would see the games industry consider releases a “365-day live service”, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson put it to Bloomberg

This is probably unlikely for now – or at least it won’t be an all-out change. You may be able to opt in to this model but not everyone has high speed internet and will want to rely on a physical copy still.

We’ll bring you all the latest on FIFA 20 as and when we hear it.