Borderlands 3 is being developed by its makers, Gearbox. Randy Pitchford the CEO and president of Gearbox confirmed at PAX East that the new game is being developed. 

Not much has been announced so far, but let us take a look at the rumours and what we can expect from the next Borderlands game.

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Borderlands 3 UK release date rumours: When is Borderlands 3 coming out?

First of all, we cannot confirm that it will be called Borderlands 3. Even Randy Pitchford said himself that he wasn't sure on what to call it. It might even be called Borderlands 4!

Borderlands 3 - Screenshot

We predict Borderlands 3 will come during the autumn months of 2017. In its history, Borderlands has been released around the September-October months, whilst iterations, such as console ports or Mac releases have followed at a later date.

Considering the rumours and no official announcement, it's highly unlikely that we will see a rushed 2016 release. A 2017 release seems even more likely, knowing that Borderlands 2 (2012) had a three year gap with the original Borderlands game (2009).

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Borderlands 3 platform: Which platforms will Borderlands 3 support?

Gearbox has indicated that the game will be made natively for later generation consoles, meaning we expect it to be optimised for full-HD 60fps gameplay. It will come out on PC, PS4, Xbox One and later on Mac and Linux.

We do not see it being included for older generation consoles, such as the Xbox 360 nor the PS3. We might not see it ported over to the PlayStation Vita either, as Borderlands 2 received a lot of criticism.

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Borderlands 3 UK price rumours: How much will Borderlands 3 cost? 

As of yet, there are no indications on its release date or price. However, we predict to come out at around £30-40 on PC, whilst on consoles you will be expected to pay £40-50 for the game, if not more.

Borderlands 3 gameplay rumours: What to expect from Borderlands 3

There is very little information out there about the game, but given the somewhat negative response Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel received, due to it being received as an expansion of Borderlands 2 that is set in space, we see the new Borderlands 3 being a land-based game, with certain game elements resorting to space travel.

We expect the very same Mature-rated gameplay with the same level of control on gore. In Borderlands 2, you were able to toggle gore, experience the game without any nudity or much profanity, but the game was full of violence and killing scenes.

Borderlands 3 - Borderlands 2

We expect more explosions, more crazy headshots and gruelling boss fights - exactly what you want to do when you've got some time to kill. 

Let us know in the comments what you would like to see in the new Borderlands 3 game!

-Handsome Jack out.

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