Below release date price UK  

Below was announced at E3 back in 2013. It’s a top-down game which will launch on the Xbox One and PC from indie game developer Capy.

The game takes inspiration from Dark Souls and Zelda and marks a return to the kind of hardcore, unforgiving games that the likes of me and any kids growing up in the 80s will remember on their Spectrums, C64s and – of course – the arcades.

Below release date UK

There’s precious little information on the exact release date of the game, with the developer saying only that it will launch in 2015.

Below price UK

Below will be sold via Steam for PC users, and using Capy’s previous titles as a guide, Below is likely to cost under £15. On the Xbox One, it should be available on Xbox Live Arcade for roughly the same price.

Below features and gameplay

You play a tiny warrior exploring the depths of a remote island. Environments are randomly generated and the perspective is mostly top-down. The aim is to explore the deepest depths of the mysterious world, but you have to stay alive to reach that goal. Most of the game is single-player but some aspects are multi-player.

Below release date price UK

Even less information than this is (not) available on the official Below website 

 We'll update this article when some hard facts emerge.

 Below release date price UK