Following no Battlefield release in 2017, EA has confirmed that the hit series will be back later this year. The hugely popular first-person shooter has gone from strength to strength in recent years with titles like Battlefield 1 while competitors like Call of Duty struggle to entice players back, and we’re hoping it’s a similar story in 2018.

So, what do we know about the upcoming Battlefield game? The latest leak suggests it'll be called Battlefield V and that we'll be seeing the reveal trailer very soon. Here’s everything we know so far about Battlefield 2018, including release date rumours, platform speculation and gameplay leaks.

Battlefield 2018 release date rumours

So, the biggest question at the moment is “When will Battlefield 2018 come out?” and considering we don’t yet know the official name for the upcoming game, it should come as no surprise that there’s no firm release date in place.

However, EA confirmed during its Q3 earnings call that it's planning on releasing a new Battlefield game in October 2018, so it’s definitely coming - we just don't know the exact release date just yet.

And following the initial announcement, there are rumours that EA's yearly EA Play event will offer the chance for gamers to get some early hands-on time with the game. Alongside the flurry of Sports games that'll be available to play at EA's event in LA in June, it's largely believed that it'll be the first time that the public will be able to play the upcoming Battlefield game. This suggests to us that the upcoming Battlefield game will be revealed pre-EA Play 2018, leading us to predict an April-May 2018 announcement. 

Our prediction aligns with Battlefield 2018 sources; according to a February 2018 tweet from Randy Evans, senior video and media director at EA Dice, the "Battlefield 2018 trailer is underway". But despite the teaser, Evans provided no timeframe for its general release, and according to subsequent Twitter replies, Evans described the state of the trailer as a WIP (work-in-progress). 

However, in April 2018, Evans replied to a Twitter user asking about the trailer stating that it's "right in front of me" alongside a winky face, insinuating that the reveal trailer is done and EA is planning on when best to showcase it. 

In previous years, EA has revealed new games during the NBA Playoffs in the US, as it's guaranteed to pull in a lot of viewers and maximise the news. So, it looks like our April-May 2018 prediction might be correct, but we'll have to wait and see.  

If you can’t wait until then to play, take a look at our selection of the best FPS games right now.

Battlefield 2018 platforms

What about platforms? Where will prospective players be able to access the upcoming Battlefield title? While there’s no word yet, it’s almost a given that Battlefront 2018 will be available for the latest consoles – the Xbox One and PS4 with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support – along with PC.

The only real mystery with regards to platforms is whether it’ll be the first Battlefield title to offer Nintendo Switch support. The Switch wasn’t announced until well into the development of Battlefield 1, making it hard to add support for Nintendo’s relatively-underpowered handheld console.

But the Switch has been out for almost a year, and with another year until we expect to see the game, it could be enough time for developers to create something for the Nintendo Switch. If the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein 2 can run on the Nintendo Switch, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that there’s a chance for Battlefield on the Switch too

Battlefield 2018 gameplay and branding rumours

So, what can we expect from the upcoming Battlefield game? While there’s nothing official, a leak suggested that the upcoming Battlefield franchise would feature Bad Company branding. The leak came from the same person that successfully predicted Battlefield 1 months before its announcement, making many believe it was authentic.

The leak came in the form of a video on YouTube from TheAlmightyDaq where it was claimed that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is in development. 

However, the rumour was later disproven by a number of sources at EA, leading TheAlmightDaq to clarify his claims. The popular YouTuber explained to Eurogamer that "there are two games" currently in development. "There are two games," he told Eurogamer. "I'm aware that DICE Sweden is WW2. That's what my next video is about. The one I leaked is DICE LA." 

But when you consider that DICE LA focuses more on creating DLC for Battlefield games created by DICE Sweden, it seems like we won't be seeing Bad Company 3 after all! 

A more recent report from GamesBeat shines some light on an alternative. Speaking to a source "familiar with EA's plans", the publication claims that the upcoming game will be called Battlefield V (confusing naming system much?) and like Call of Duty's 2017 title, will be focused on World War 2. 

There isn't much else to go on at this point, but the report included a leaked screenshot that included the new branding. It's worth noting that it's probably a placeholder and not the final product, but it certainly backs up the EA source's claims.