Digital pens seem to have had a bit of a comeback, perhaps because touchscreen capabilities were the buzzword of the past 12 months and you need a touchscreen slate on which to scribble your electronic thoughts.

The ZPen – available from for £99 – is a slightly different take on the digital notepad and pen concept. What's different about it is that you aren't restricted to using an A6 or smaller electronic doodle pad in order to jot down meeting notes for later transcription. You can write on any sort of paper and it will record what you write.

The ZPen houses all the digital wizardry within its confines (it's 145mm long and a 1cm round) and simply stores details of your pen strokes to its 1GB built-in flash memory.

Attach the ZPen to your PC or laptop via USB and details of your scrawl will be downloaded and turned into some semblance of text in a text editor.

It sounds far more practical than some of the digital pen sets we've tried in the past – the only issue is how badly our handwriting has become after years of typing at a PC.

We'll give it a test and see how it fares when we next scribble down notes at a press conference.

ZPen digital pen

ZPen digital pen

ZPen works with any sort of paper

ZPen works with any sort of paper and records and then digitises your scrawl