Yike Bike electric bike Electric bikes have been around for years but are only just getting to the stage when they can be made light enough and inexpensively enough to have mass appeal.

The Yike Bike, which makes its official debut at this year's Gadget Show Live at Birmingham NEC this April, claims to be the lightest example to date: it weighs 10kg and folds up on itself.

Mindful of design credentials as well as space-saving, its makers foresee the  Yike Bike being hung on a wall and admired as a piece of art when not in use.

It is ridden in a similar fashion to a unicycle and is made from carbon fibre. It has a range of around 10km between charges, which doesn't sound much but is quite a lot of non-pedalling time. You cycle as normal when travelling on the flat or gentle inclines and coast down hills as you would with a regular bike.

Details and a 'register my interest' form can be found at Yikebike.com. Prices are likely to be around €3,700.

Yike Bike electric bike


Yike Bike electric bike