Violet sun exposure UV tracker

Wearable tech is hot right now, but are you too hot for your own health and safety? A new device, being touted on Kickstarter, tracks your UV exposure and measures sun-generated vitamin D.

Violet is the first wearable device that provides customized user guidance on optimal sun exposure, and also checks that you’re getting enough sun.

In sync with a mobile phone app (iOS and Android) Violet monitors real-time UV exposure, alerts you before the measured UV dosage approaches a limit, and calculates your daily natural vitamin D production. By measuring both detrimental and beneficial effects of UV light, Violet aims to help users achieve optimal sun balance.

Violet will include two accessories: a clip and a wristband. See also: Best activity trackers.

The company has developed proprietary algorithms to measure UV dose and vitamin D production, taking into account various personal factors.

Scientific evidence has shown that vitamin D is vital for good overall health. Many studies have linked vitamin D deficiency to numerous diseases, including cancers. Your body makes its own vitamin D when you expose your skin to sunlight.

But we also all know that too much sun exposure can also lead to life-threatening diseases such as skin cancer.

Violet UV sun exposure tracker

Violet is designed as a solution to encourage behavioral change toward better health by minimizing the risks while maximizing the benefits of sunlight exposure.

Development continues on features such as expert guide/forecast on optimal sun exposure, crowdsourcing of measured data for maximum accuracy, and a dynamic SPF model taking into account sunscreen wearing off.

Violet Vitamin D UV sun exposure tracker

The prototype design of Violet is complete, with device firmware and mobile app functional.

Violet has a Kickstarter goal of $100,000 in order to begin manufacturing and making Violet available in spring 2015.

Violet UV sun exposure tracker