PC Advisor generally tries to rise above the piteous world of USB gadgetry and the downright bizarre items that have been needlessly invented simply so they can be plugged for their connectivity.

Perhaps it's just that we can't keep up with the production line output rate of USB ashtrays, flapping penguins and cute but scary USB teddy webcams-cum-baby minders.

But being a Friday and not that long after breakfast, we're very much taken with the idea of this USB Toaster.

Those dullard health and safety types in our office won't let us have a regular electric toaster - so the USB Toaster seems the perfect solution. It can bake up to four slices at once, though a slight downside to the setup is that it can take as long as 30 minutes to do so.

It's a wonderful way to make use of all that excess energy generated by our PCs and laptops, too. The 12x9x4in USB Toaster package comes complete with a copy of BreadBrowner 2.0 - no doubt filled with tips to ensure you get a perfect slice, every time.

The only drawback we can see with the $7.99 USB Toaster - winner of the 2006 Gold Floppy Disc Award for Best Cooking Peripheral - is that we found it on The Onion spoof site.

Oh well, perhaps someone will find a means of making it a reality.

USB Toaster