Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest difference. One of the biggest tech stories of the year so far has been the move to unify chargers for mobile phones and other gadgetry, dispensing with the need for six variations on a device that serves a single purpose.

While the ins and outs of such a dastardly simple yet cost and waste-saving are still being thrashed out (why?), USB chargers with mains adapters are beginning to fulfil this very purpose.

Firebox has just started stocking a £5.95 USB Mains Charger that will allow you power up your gadgetry as long as it has a standard-size USB connection.

Supported products range from laptops, digital camera, MP3 players and phones plus any other device that has a USB ports so it can be hooked up to a PC or laptop for file synching. Because they come with USB docking cradles, the Apple iPhone and iPod touch music players are also rechargeable this way.

USB Mains Charger