sWaP has unveiled a water-resistant version of its watch phone. Intended to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, the sWAP Active is designed to withstand extremes of weather despite its inclusion of high-tech parts including a 1.5in touchscreen. 

The sWaP (Smart Watch and Phone) Active features a silica rubber strap with stainless steel buckle and has a durable rubberised finish to protect it from the elements.

The 74g watch can be used to browse the web and send and receive emails, as well as for making and receiving phone calls. At 240x58x16mm, however, it's rather large for a watch. We tried it on for size at the recent launch event and weren't convinced we could see ourselves - or other fashion-conscious sporty ladies - wearing one.

We also had some concerns over the mini stylus that can be used as an alternative method of text entry. Barely bigger than the pins that hold the watch links together, it seems destined to get lost almost immediately. However, there's a convenient housing for the stylus within the watch strap. Fingertips can also be used to select item's on the sWaP Active's touchscreen.

The 1.3Mp integrated camera allows users to capture still images and record video and audio on the watch phone, while music, movies and pictures can be played back using the media suite and either the watch phone's loudspeaker or included stereo headphones.

Bluetooth connectivity ensures the sWaP Active can be paired with any Bluetooth device, and it also comes bundled with a USB compact Bluetooth headset and a 2GB micro SD card.

sWaP says the watch phone offer 100 hours of standby time and up to 180 minutes of talk time. It can be recharged via its USB port.

The SIM-free device works with all UK networks, except 3.

Available from Amazon, the sWaP Active is available immediately and costs £299.99.

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