Soyntec Wiffinder 410 Executive Case More and more of us are logging on to the internet from cafés, hotels and airports. But trying to find a 'usable' signal in a hot spot area can be a bit of a chore. It's frustrating powering up your notebook only to find the available signal isn't good enough.

Soyntec has come up with an answer: it's created a range of Wi-Fi detector briefcases, laptop bags and rucksacks. The Spanish company, creator of the infamous Wi-Fi-detecting T-Shirt, has designed three new cases to carry your precious kit and that also alert you to the presence of a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wiffinder Executive Cases display the strength of a Wi-Fi signal in a hot spot area, without having to switch on your notebook.

The Soyntec Wiffinder 210 Executive is an over-the-shoulder courier bag; the Wiffinder 310 Executive is a rucksack, while the Wiffinder 410 Executive is a more traditional briefcase-style laptop bag. All three can easily accommodate a notebook with a screen of up to 15.6in. Each has a protective inner case to prevent damage to your gear.

High density nylon has been used to make the cases, so they're quite resilient. Each bag has enough internal space for an MP3 player and a sheaf of documents as well as a laptop.

An LCD screen on the front of each Wiffinder case normally displays the time, but give it a push and the integrated Wi-Fi signal detector will start hunting around for a suitable signal. The Wi-Fi detector recognises 802.11b and 802.11g networks and lets you know how intense the signal is, so you can decide whether it's worth powering up your laptop. Unfortunately, the detector doesn't seem to be able to discern whether the signal it's found is encrypted - a fairly important omission.

The Wiffinder cases are all priced at €34 each and come with a three-year warranty.

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Soyntec Wiffinder 210 Executive Case