The latest James Bond movie may have been a bit of a disappointment, but we never fail to get excited when we hear tell of a new spy-related gadget. Bang on cue, Boysstuff got in touch to let us know about the new SAS Pen Cam that they'll be selling from next month.

The SAS Pen Cam doesn't really need that much explaining: it's a tiny camera disguised as a normal pen. That means you can write a seemingly innocuous note, all the while confident that what you're really doing is recording that slide outlining your rival's quarterly profit and loss information or some other nefarious information that it wouldn't do to let on you were clocking.

Needless to say, corporate espionage is well and truly not the done thing and, in fact, is highly illegal. However, you'll be able to use the SAS Pen for endless office japes.

Clip it to your pocket and lurk near a clearly private conversation, then surprise your work mates later with a recording of their cosy chat; take minutes from a dull meeting and hide behind your mysterious dark glasses and catch up on some shut-eye after last night's Shaken not stirred...

We're sure you can think of many more hilarious uses for the USB scribble-cam - a device that can record up to 15 hours of clips on its 2GB memory.

Once you've captured the crucial or incriminating footage, you can copy it to your PC for later transcription or simply to enjoy in Windows Media Player. If you're really keen to show off your covert recording skills, you can upload it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Just don't forget to choose a suitable 007-like alias, lest the path be traced back to you.

The £75 inc VAT gadget will be available from Boysstuff in two weeks' time.

SAS Pen Cam