Samsung is back with a new range of wearable tech and the cheaper of its two smartwatches is the Gear 2 NeoRead: The 8 best smartwatches 2014: List of the best wearable tech you can buy right now.

There's no Galaxy in the name because the new devices run Tizen, not Android, but there's little different in the user interface compared to last year's Galaxy Gear.

Beyond being able to customise the look, navigation is simple and smooth. As you would expect from a smartwatch, you can get all your notifications sent from your smartphone. You can even have a phone call if you feel like it.

The move from Android to Tizen has cut down the amount of apps there are available, though, so there's not much choice here. See also: Samsung Gear Fit review: a skinny smartwatch designed to help you work out.

At £169, the Neo is almost half the price of the flagship Gear 2. So it's no surprise that things are a little cut down in comparison.

It doesn't have the same brushed metal finish body so doesn't feel as premium, but it still looks good without feeling plastiky and cheap.

There are other downgrades like no on-board camera but we're not bothered about this really. It still has the same gorgeous 1.63in screen, infrared transmitter and heart rate monitor.

It's also dust- and waterproof like its bigger brother without the same bulkiness.

Controlling music playback is handy plus there's internal storage so you can go out without your smartphone and still listen to some tunes.

In practice, some of the features are a bit hit and miss – particularly the heart rate monitor – but they’re there if you want them without the hefty price tag which puts us off the Gear 2.

Although we really like the Gear 2 Neo, it still has the same compatibility issue which is a thorn in its side. You'll need one of Samsung's selected smartphones or tablets to be able to use it properly so this removes a lot of its appeal.

Battery life will vary depending on your usage but we've found the Gear 2 Neo can last up to a week which is pretty good. You charge the watch with a clip on module which avoids extra bulk but is easily lost or forgotten.

At a more reasonable price tag than the flagship model, the Samsung Gear 2 Neo is decent smartwatch with plenty of features - we don't care about the lack of a camera. However, the need for a specific Samsung companion device and a limited amount of downloadable apps detract somewhat.

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