Aside from the impossibility of accurately jabbing your finger on the touchscreen in order to enter the postcode or address you’re travelling to and from, one of the most infuriating things about satnavs is they don’t like being attached to a windscreen.

Try as you might, positioning one on the window and then adjusting it so you actually see the screen can delay a journey for many frustrating minutes. Hardly a good start to a journey – especially if the point of your having a GPS device in the first place was so you can get from A to B a darn sight quicker than of yore.

Removing said satnav mount from the windscreen when not in use so you can stash it out of sight of car thieves can result in its own Mr Bean-style tortuous comedy routine, too.

Navman, we’ve found, does some usefully flexible long-neck satnav mounts that can be positioned with ease and then stay put, much like an Anglepoise lamp.

Other satnav units have not been quite so well blessed, with stiff, unforgiving mounts the norm. Now, it seems, it’s not the satnav makers’ fault at all. It’s our fault for having the wrong type of car.

Announcing the European availability of the TomTom GO 720 and GO 520 dashboard devices we wrote up back in June, Tom Tom is pushing the fact that a third-party manufacturer can solve all our GPS mounting woes with a customised car kit.

ProClip doesn’t just do cradles for TomToms, it turns out, but for almost any brand of satnav device you can think of and for any make of car you own. Sadly, it wasn’t able to pimp my ride and make my Nissan Sunny feel all special (although Sunny drivers with models from 1987 to 1990 are in luck to the tune of €30) but suitable mounting brackets were available for many other models we investigated and seemed to range from €30 to €70.

Prices vary depending on vehicle type and mounting device chosen.

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