Philips is joining the charge for greener power with the launch of its Power4Life range of gadgets.

There are two products in Philips Power4Life line-up: the SCM7880 USB charger works with phones, music players and other small items, while the SCE7640 can power up more demanding electronic items including laptops.

Once the CSM7880 is a £39 universal charger that can provide up to 15 hours worth of power. A glowing blue LED light array shows how much charge remains. Philips supplies six different connector types so the device can be used with a broad range of gagetry. When not in use, the charger can be stashed in its own carry bag.

The SCE7640, meanwhile, is a Portable Power Pack that you charge up in advance and that then stores energy ready for when you need to recharge a laptop or other gadgetry on the go. It can store as much as 60 hours worth of energy.

The Philips SCE7640 costs around £139.

Philips Power4Life chargers

Philips Power4Life chargers