OnePlus' drone, the OnePlus DR-1, started as an April Fool's Day joke, but the company will actually be selling it in small quantities. Here's everything you need to know about the OnePlus DR-1, including UK release date, price and specification. Also see: Best drones and best quadcopters 2015.

We thought it was an unwritten rule that April Fool's Day pranks were only allowed to be made on 1 April before 12 noon. But OnePlus started dropping hints about its upcoming gag, a OnePlus drone, back at MWC at the beginning of March. It told consumers it was about to release a game changer with the tagline Start a new game. #OneGameChanger.

"We have, and always will be, a technology company. Innovation and revolutionary ideas that shake up the industry are what OnePlus has built itself upon… [but] when it came time to think about our next product, we decided on a curveball. It’s not a tablet, and it’s not a smartwatch. But it is a game changer," OnePlus posted in its forums.

A series of teasers (posted below) followed, and the tech industry took it in turns to guess what OnePlus had in store. It is a very peculiar shape under that blanket to be a game controller, Android TV box or VR headset (our second-best guess), we figured, and the lines that make up the logo do look a teeny bit like those lines planes make in the sky.

Then the cat was out the bag when OnePlus’ digital marketing manager David Sanmartin told a Reddit commenter asking for a clue that the product name would be DR-1, as in D-R-O-N-E.

OnePlus drone to arrive next month: OnePlus One gaming is about to get a lot more serious

OnePlus Drone to arrive in April: OnePlus One gaming is about to get a lot more serious

OnePlus Drone to arrive in April: OnePlus One gaming is about to get a lot more serious

On 1 April OnePlus took the wraps off its OnePlus DR-1. Then it told us it was an April Fool's Day prank. And then it said it would actually sell the DR-1 in limited quantities as a special edition product. Yes, we're confused, too. 

OnePlus DR-1 UK release date and price

The OnePlus DR-1 will be available to buy in the UK for £15.99 from OnePlus' site. It's not on sale just yet, but OnePlus has confirmed it is coming soon - likely this month. Only limited quantities will be available, though, so you will have to get in quick. After purchase the DR-1 will ship within three- to 15 days.

OnePlus DR-1: Specifications and features

The OnePlus DR-1 is a tiny quadcopter, just 12.5g and with a wingspan of 70mm, making it the smallest remote-controlled drone in the world. Given its tiny size there is no camera onboard, but you can do some neat aerial stunts including four-axis flips with a flick of the thumb.

A 100mAh lithium-polymer battery charges over Micro-USB in just 20 minutes, then lasts for five- to eight minutes in flight.

This mini quadcopter is going to be fragile. There's a one-year warranty, but it covers only manufacturer defects, so you'll need to be careful. Four spare blades are provided in the box, and after that you're on your own.

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