When first we learned of Veho's USB-powered fan, we were wont to scoff.

"Is that to clear out your USB ashtray?", one of our editorial number muttered. And, after all, there's only so many pointless USB devices you can clutter up your desk with.

Only last week we finally saw sense and disposed of the USB massager that had mysteriously turned up. Frankly, it was scary.

But the Veho USB-powered fan bucked the trend. In short, it does what it claims, it can operate solely from the available power of a USB 2.0 port and it keeps us cool. It even helpfully acts as a four-port USB hub, so yet more USB nonsense devices can be set up.

For times when you have't got access to a full USB 2.0 setup – perhaps you’re using an older laptop or PC – there’s the option of inserting a set of four AAA batteries in the fan’s base and getting some sweet blessed relief from the heat that way.

But the important thing is, we’ve spent the afternoon being gently cooled. The air-con wars that afflict many an office haven’t taken place since we have access to our own personal coolers and there’s a generally calmer vibe.

Who'd have thought a £15 gadget could bring about the cessation of the age-old too-hot, too-cold, too-noisy – too bad! – attitude that air-conditioning brings about?

For stockist details see www.veho-uk.com.

Veho USB-powered fan

Veho USB-powered fan