Motorola is to launch a touchscreen version of the MobileTV DH01 portable media player it showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The MobileTV DH02 is an HSDPA/GPRS mobile internet access and entertainment device with some of the entertainment being provide by mobile network operators in an interactive format.

Users of the Motorola MobileTV DH02 will be able to use their fingers to click, drag and scroll through menu icons to reach mobile TV content. TV and video content will be shown at 25fps (frames per second) on the device's 4.3in display.

The Motorola MobileTV DH02 was announced along with five other new mobile products. Interestingly, the product announcements coincided with Motorola stating its intentions to split off its mobile devices division from its other areas of the business. No doubt the timing is an attempt by Motorola to show it still has a robust product line with new innovations.

Pricing will depend on individual carriers and a UK release date for the touchscreen Motorola MobileTV DH02 is yet to be announced.

Motorola MobileTV portable media player

Motorola MobileTV portable media player - now with 4.3in touchscreen

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