The Moto 360 is one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets of 2014 and the round smartwatch has finally arrived. Read: The best smartwatches of 2014: List of the best wearable tech you can buy right now.

It has done so at a lower price point than we expected: £199 which is not much more than its square rivals. With a round screen, the Moto 360 looks more like a regular wrist watch and is one of the main reasons to buy it over the competition.

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Design and build is a key aspect here with a luxurious and sleek combination of stainless steel, leather and glass. This is easily the most desirable smartwatch that we've had our hand on so far.

Like others, the Moto 360 is dust and water resistant and although it's both light and comfortable, the device is a bit chunky at 11.9 mm. Then there's the overall size of the watch will be off-putting for some users, particularly females.

In terms of hardware, the Moto 360 matches up with rivals in most areas although it has a different processor. Alongside the usual sensors is an optical heart rate monitor which is mounted on the back of the watch.

The main feature is that round display which has a diameter of 1.56in with a resolution of 320 x 290. That means a lower pixel density than rivals but it's far from being poor quality.

We're more disappointed with the black section at the bottom which houses the light sensor and therefore cuts off any watch face or card which is being displayed.

The bevelled edge of the glass also creates a subtle moiré effect meaning you can see a faint jagged line of red, green and blue pixels around the edge.

The main downside of the Moto 360 is the battery life as it will realistically require charging every night. Making the situation slightly better and more bearable is the fact that the Moto 360 comes with wireless charging and an included dock.

Google's Android Wear operating system is the obvious choice for Android users as long as you have version 4.3 or later on your smartphone. The Google Now card style user interface works perfectly well on the round display and you get the advantage of choosing round watch faces.

You get all of your notifications and can interact with voice commands too. The Moto 360 has an additional section for the heart rate monitor which can take readings when you like but also sets you a daily activity goal.

The Moto 360 is a fantastic smartwatch with excellent build quality, luxurious design and a price that puts it within reach for more people than we exptected. However, it's not flawless: battery life could be better, screen resolution could be higher, and its sheer size will make it too big for some. Despite these, it's the best smartwatch we've reviewed to date.