The Misfit Shine is a wearable activity monitor aimed at getting you to do that bit more exercise. It costs £99 and can be worn both as a watch and over your belt. Here's PC Advisor's Misfit Shine video review - includes 'acting'. (Read all smart watch and activity tracker reviews.)

A small silver grey pellet that can be worn on the wrist or clipped on to a belt, it offers a certain minimalist charm. And paired with the deditcated iPhone app or Android app it allows you to set goals and then track the distances you walk and run each day to see if you hit those goals.

Out of the box the Misfit Shine is pretty simple to set up. You simply open up the Shine like a clamshell using the supplied tool, pop in the supplied battery, and close it up again. If it is all working as it should a series of tiny lights will illuminate.

Once powered up you simply slip around either of the supplied means of attaching your Shine to your person. There is a dongle-type loop that works with a powerful magnet and allows you to wear the Shine as a fob, or a more typical watch-strap so you can wear the Shine on your wrist. Either works well.

The Shine  is waterproof if set up correctly.

At this point you'll want to install the app. You can now use Shine with devices running Android 4.3 and above, as well as all iPhones.

The sync works via Bluetooth, but you do have to hold it close to your iPhone or Android phone. Indeed, the instructions suggest that you should tap your Shine against your phone's screen.

Once synched you are good to go. The battery is supposed to last four months. You will need to replace the battery three times a year, but that's just a couple of pounds each time. (See all smartwatch and activity tracker reviews.)

Misfit Shine Activity Monitor: in use

The Shine captures all your walking, running and swimming.

The app itself is super simple. You tell it your gender, age, weight and height, and then set a calorific target for each day. And then just, well, get moving.

In terms of distance we found it much more accurate for walking than for running, and not accurate at all in terms of calories. This isn't too much of a problem as long as the consistancy is there: the idea is that you set yourself a tough target and then try to beat it.

Also unlike rival devices the Shine is not really a social thing. You can't easily compete against other Shine users, and the only way to share your experience is via Facebook. (For a good comparison, see our Fitbit Force review.)

Misfit Shine Activity Monitor: verdict

Well priced and easy to use. If you want a good-looking gadget to inspire you to do more, the Misfit Shine is a good bet. Just don't expect it to accurately measure distance or calories burned, or to be able to compete against other Shine users. And consider the fact that other products from the likes of Fitbit do exactly that, with a full display, for less money. Read our full review: Misfit Shine Activity Monitor review - stylish, discreet fitness watch is useful, but inaccurate.