Mio has unveiled three new Navman satnavs and is offering users the chance to rent the maps they need rather than having to buy outright maps covering a once-in-a-lifetime roadtrip.

The Navman 470 and 475 are 4.3in satnav models while the Navman 575 has a 4.7in touchscreen display. The 470 starts at £99 for the UK & Ireland maps while the full European maps version of the Navman 574 costs £149.

All three models have a LearnMe whereby the devices 'remember' the types of road you prefer to drive on and adapt their routing options accordingly. Motorway drivers shouldn't routinely find themselves sent down B roads while back lane-beetlers while not generally be directed on to busy bypasses.

The Navman satnavs come with the IQ Routes usually associated with TomTom devices. That's because IQ Routes, which uses real-time information collected from other satnavs users to work out which route will be quickest at the time of day you're travelling, is a technology TomTom owns and has started licensing to other navigation device companies. 

As well as this, the Navman 475 and 575 come with a year's worth of live traffic updates. After this, customers can subscribe to the TMC service.

Navman is known for its clear mapping and the latest models are no exception. All three offer 3D Junction Views which improves guidance at complex junctions and makes sure the driver safely moves into the correct lane and takes the turning they need. Safety camera warnings are included and, unlike some satnavs, aren't triggered unless the vehicle is in danger of falling foul of the prevailing speed limit.

Drivers can also elect to have street names spoken aloud - a potentially useful feature when trying to find the right road to turn down in a built-up town centre, for example. 

The Mio Navman 470 with Western European Maps is priced at £99.99, while the Mio Navman 475 with UK and Ireland maps costs £109.99.

The Mio Navman 575 is available with either UK and Ireland or Western European maps and is priced at £129.99 and £149.99 respectively.

All three Mio Navman satnavs are set to go onsale in the UK in May.

The Mio Navman 470 and 475


The Mio Navman 575

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