MiLi iPhone Projector The £299 MiLi iPhone Projector adds a projector and speakers to an iPod touch or iPhone and is able to beam an image or video stored on the device on to a convenient wall, creating a display up to 70cm across.

Though not a huge image, it's a far more convenient option than taking a portable DVD player with you if you need to while away an hour or so or give a presentation. Starting with a fully charged iPhone, you should be able to use the MiLi for 90 minutes before the battery needs to be recharged. Alternatively, it can be used while the iPhone or iPod is plugged in to the mains.

Other versions of the MiLi projector are compatible with the latest BlackBerry handsets. It can also be connected to a VCR, DVD player, laptop or PC via is AV and USB ports.

We saw a couple of projectors built in to mobile phones at Mobile World Congress. Texas Instruments DLP has been busy making pico projectors both smaller and more powerful, with the result that Samsung and NTT Docomo have handsets with projectors built in.

It's therefore little surprise to find Apple's incredibly popular iPhone has also gained a projector, albeit as a third-party add-on.

The 148x70x41mm MiLi is available for preorder from gadgets sites such as It has a pair or stereo speakers, adjustable focus and can be used as a charging dock for the music player or iPhone it's attached to.

MiLi iPhone Projector

The MiLi iPhone Projector can be used to charge your phone

MiLi iPhone Projector

With a light at one end and a stand to support it, the MiLi projector beams YouTube clips and other videos straight from the iPhone