There can be few people who haven't found ourselves needing to make a call but caught out by the mobile phone being out of juice.

And the cleverer the phone, not only the more we depend on its many functions, but the more likely it is to have a drained battery - all those features draw power, after all.

That's why there's such a call for simple but potentially lifesaving (or at least face-saving) gadgets such as the Macally PowerLink. It can give an iPhone or other mobile a jolt of power that should see it through another 25 minutes use. It can also act as a USB charger, so it take power from a laptop even if you're nowhere near a mains socket.

The Macally PowerLink has 2GB of onboard memory. The USB cable can also be used to sync contacts and media between iPhone and laptop or PC, while recharging the handset.

Available in the UK through AM Micro, the PowerLink costs £41.95 including VAT.

Macally PowerLink emergency power charger