LG is a historically massive presence at CES, and 2018 is no different. Even though the firm didn't announce the follow up to last year’s G6 flagship smartphone, it has a ton of new tech ready for everyone to ogle.

How to watch LG CES 2018 live stream

Date and time: 4pm GMT Monday 8 January

You can watch a recap of a section of the press conference in the video player at the top of this page. Because LG's CLOi (pronounced Chloe) robot did not play ball during the presentation, it's unlikely the company will put the whole thing online. 

What LG announced at CES 2018

The LG V30 has been out for a while now but LG is still doing the rounds with it at CES. There’s a new Raspberry Rose colour to help push it at the show. 

Joining it is a new LG Gram laptop, a ThinQ Smart Speaker, a new Styler smart wardrobe, smart fridge, air-con units and monitors.

LG also announced its first 4K projector, its connected appliance network, some robots (see video at top of page) and an amazing rollable TV. The latter is very cool, but it is still a concept and will no doubt cost absolutely thousands of pounds.

And then all the TVs that LG regularly wows us with, including an insane 88in 8K (yes, 8K) OLED model.  

Fingers crossed the company teases the LG G7 at some point, but we aren’t holding our breath.

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