Leyio has unveiled its Leyio Personal Sharing Device, a clever little gizmo that holds 16GB of files, protects them with a thumb print scanner and transfers them wirelessly with a flick of the wrist.

The Leyio makes use of the Ultra Wide Band spectrum to enable the transfer of large files across small distances - a technology that has been coming for a while but that was only latterly given the go-ahead for the UK.

Leyio Personal Sharing Device The Leyio Personal Sharing Device fits neatly into a pocket and is designed to hold music, pictures, video clips and more. It's not just any old video, photo and music player though. One of the more intriguing developments is the ability to store Twitter and Facebook profiles and 'zap' them over to a friend.

A 3-axis accelerometer enables the Leyio Personal Sharing Device to recognise movement and conduct its wireless transfer when you make a flicking motion with your hand. You can view details of your files (and image files themselves) on the 1.5in 128x128-pixel Oled (organic light-emitting diode) screen.

The Leyio Personal Sharing Device will be available for £159 with a capacity of 16GB. 

Leyio Personal Sharing Device