If you're a keen cyclist but don't want to block out the sounds of the country (or other traffic for that matter) then wearing headphones and listening to an MP3 player while riding may be something you avoid. However, you don't need to go without music, thanks to the Lavod Bike MP3 Speaker and Flashlight.

The 140x33x33mm speaker and flashlight can be mounted to your handle bars and blasts out your favourite tunes.

The device is charged via a USB port on a PC and should offer around eight to 10 hours of continuous playback. The 2GB internal memory allows you to store 500 tracks on the device, dragging and dropping them from your PC when connected to the computer via USB. Simply twist the speaker's control tube backwards or forwards to change tracks and adjust the volume while you're riding. The LED flashlight is at other end of the device.

Made from oxide-coated, water resistant aluminium, the Lavod Bike MP3 speaker and Flashlight is weather-resistant.

Costing £99.99, the Lavod Bike Speaker is available from Firebox.com.

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