One of the more interesting types of device set to make its mark this year is the internet tablet.

Larger than a Nokia N810 oversized smartphone but not so large as to be a laptop or to require a full PC processor, the internet tablet eschews dull word processing and number-crunching tasks in favour of connectivity and web browsing.

The JooJoo runs off a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and weighs 1.1kg. A 4GB SSD drive provides the storage, an accelerometer senses orientation and there are both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections. Maker Fusion Garage says the lithium-ion battery should last around 5 hours between charges.

Granted, it bears more than a passing resemblance to the Apple iPad, which has just gone onsale in the UK, but given that device's wildly successful US debut, that can hardly be a bad thing.

The JooJoo has a 12.1in capacitive multi-touch screen with a 1366x768-pixel resolution. Widgets quickly take you to your favourite social networking sites and claims to have you browsing the web nine seconds after powering on. As with other such devices, there's a platform-specific app store from which you can acquire new features and customise your tablet. It offers high-definition video playback from any website you visit – something the JooJoo accomplishes using Adobe Flash to enhance its own video player.

The JooJoo internet tablet costs £319 inc VAT. A stand can be bought separately for £29. Full details at

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