Image stabilisation in cameras and camcorders is invaluable, but there’s no real substitute for a stable surface or solid support.

Joby's Gorillapod flexible tripods have caught the imagination as they can be twisted around branches and railings and hold your camera securely in place, even at awkward angles. They also have portability and good design on their side.

The Gorillatorch continues the theme by adding a powerful lamp to the mix. As with the camera tripods, it can be positioned at any jaunty angle you choose, throwing light in to the dimmest corner. Magnets on the feet allow you to attach the light to almost anything, from a tent pole to the side of a car so you can see what you're doing while changing a tyre.

The £24.99 Joby Gorillatorch is available for £24.99 from or direct from Joby's online store for £29.