Jawbone Up Move release date, price, specs UK

Like a cross between the Misfit Shine and a Fitbit Zip, the new Jawbone Up Move is the cheapest activity tracker we've seen from a big brand. It's aimed at people who have decided they want to get fit or lose weight, helping them by showing how active they are and also giving personalised guidance on how to improve. See also: Jawbone Up3 release date, price and specs

Jawbone Up Move:  release date

The Up Move will go on sale in the UK in late November, but you can pre-order one right now from Jawbone's website. If you prefer to buy in store, it will be in John Lewis, Selfridges, Dixons and Apple stores. Online, it will be on Amazon.

Jawbone Up Move: price

The Up Move is surprisingly cheap at £39.99, and that will come with a clip so you can wear it on your jeans, bra, belt or even a sock.

It will come in various colour combinations:

  • Black Burst, Black Clip
  • Blue Burst, Fog Clip
  • Grape Rose, Purple Clip
  • Ruby Rose, Red Punch Clip
  • Slate Rose, Yellow Clip

Optional wrist straps will be sold singly or in packs of three for £11 and £23 respectively. They come in Onyx, Fog, Red Punch, Purple and Yellow. There's no information on when these will go on sale, but we'll update this article when we know more.

Jawbone Up Move release date, price, specs UK

Jawbone Up Move:  features

Like the Misfit Shine, the Up Move has a hidden LED display which is shown when you press it. It's a shame there's no display as you get with the Fitbit Zip which means you can see the exact number of steps, calories, distance and time.

The Move's white LEDs show you the progress towards your daily goal, 10,000 steps for example, as well as the (rough) time.

The tracker records your steps, estimates distance and calories burned and can also track sleep if you buy a strap to wear it on your wrist.

Jawbone Up Move release date, price, specs UK

It doesn't have any other sensors to measure heart rate, track flights of stairs climbed or anything fancy: this is a basic, inexpensive tracker aimed at those on a budget.

You can view much more detailed information through the iOS or Android app, where you can also set goals such as number of hours slept and target weight.

Jawbone Up Move: specifications

The Up Move takes a standard CR2032 coin battery which Jawbone says will last up to six months. It has Bluetooth for wireless synching to iPhones, iPads and compatible Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE

It measures 28x28x10mm, and weighs almost nothing at under 7g (for the tracker only). It's made from anodised aluminium and TPU, and the supplied clip is also made from TPU.

It isn't water resistant, but it will withstand rain and sweat. You shouldn't swim or have a shower with it clipped on, though.