iRiver Story e-book reader MP3 maker iRiver has joined the torrent (sorry) of manufacturers bringing out electronic book readers. The iRiver Story has a 6in screen, weighs 284g and has a reported battery life of 100 hours between charges.

As with other eBook readers, the iRiver Story uses E-Ink's patented digital text display technology. It has a resolution of 600x800 pixels. ePub, PDF and Microsoft Office documents can be read on the handheld device. The Story can also play MP3 and WMA music files and audio books and display photos and comics. A headphone jack allows the user to listening in private, though there's also a half-Watt speaker and a microphone.

iRiver claims that as many as 1,600 books can be stored on the 2GB internal memory of the device, with expansion possible via an SD (Secure Digital) or SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) removable memory card. Support for the latter allows for memory cards of up to 16GB to be used with the Story, though even the most devoted bookworm would be seriously hard-pressed to make full use of the 7,000-book-plus digital library they then have.

iRiver CEO Kuno Kim says the Story includes "all the features users expect in an easy-to-use format. Our aim is to bring together the best of e-Book functionality with light, portable and powerful capacity features."

The £230 iRiver Story is onsale now from Waterstones and other retail stores.

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iRiver Story e-book reader

The iRiver Story e-book reader


iRiver Story e-book reader