Finnish company iqua has come up with a new take on solar charging: the iqua 603-SUN Bluetooth headset. The £30 earpiece has its own small solar panel on the outside.

While the British summertime is unlikely to be sufficiently powerful to charge up the headset on its own, iqua says the sun-loving photovoltaic panel is able to make use of the additional energy the 603-SUN laps up and extend the operational time of the headset.

The iqua 603-SUN comes with a charger to juice up the 14g headset in the first place, after which its maker says it should work for around 12 hours before needing to be recharged. Given enough light, it may not need to be recharged at all, though of course, the phone it communicates with will need to have its battery replenished.

The Bluetooth class 2.0 headset works with any mobile phone or device that supports this Bluetooth profile.

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Iqua 603-SUN solar-powered Bluetooth headset

Iqua 603-SUN solar-powered Bluetooth headset