If your videocassettes are busy collecting dust while they sit piled in the corner waiting for a blue moon to appear and an opportunity to show them to present itself, the ION U-Record could be the ideal excuse to rescue them. 

The ION U Record Video Converter connects your trusty old video cassette player to your PC via an S-Video or RCA connection. Play the tape and the U Record captures the analogue footage and records it to your PC's hard disk, digitising it for future use. The unit can also be used to transfer Sky+ recordings and other PVR (personal video recorder) content to a PC.

The device simply connects to your PC visa USB and to a VCR using either the S-Video or RCA connection.

Firebox say the U Record Video Converter can even be used to transfer Sky Plus recordings on to your PC.

Priced at £39.99, the U Record Video Converter comes bundled with EZ Video Converter software and is available from Firebox now.

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