Griffin has launched a combined Apple iPhone charger for the car that allows you to make handsfree phone calls as well as listening to albums in your iTunes library.

The Griffin TuneFlex AUX HandsFree is a charging cradle that is compatible with iPhones and iPods and has an adjustable steel neck for easier viewing. It costs £34.99. As with other in-car audio kits designed for allow drivers to enjoy the contents of their portable media players on the move, the Griffin TuneFlex AUX HandsFree plays through the speakers of the vehicle's stereo and connects to an auxiliary audio input.

It comes with a cable that has a microphone on it that can be used for hands-free chat. Should a call come in when music is playing through the TuneFlex AUX HandsFree kit, the track with automatically fade so the caller can be heard. Tapping the iPod or iPhone's screen allows the user to answer the call. 

Griffin also thinks Apple fans will want to take their iPad tablets with them on the road and has launched a case for the entertainment slate that enables it to be used as an in-car video display. The Griffin Cinema Seat Case is a slip-in folder that holds the Apple iPad. It then straps it around the back of a car seat. It has a sturdy mount so it doesn't move about in transit and costs £29.99. 

The Griffin TuneFlex AUX HandsFree Kit allows a driver to make hands-free phone calls to people listed in their iPhone contacts list


The Griffin Cinema Seat attaches to the back of a car seat and keeps the kids entertained with cartoons and programmes stored on your Apple iPad