What's the simplest way to ensure you learn to switch off electrical items? Opening your utility bills. A £15 gadget known as the Eco Button aims to help ease the pain.

The Eco Button is an unmissable unit that plugs in to any USB port and that automatically places your PC, laptop or other gadgetry in 'eco mode' when not used for a while.

The tiny green and blue gizmo plugs into the USB port in your PC and when tapped will switch your computer into eco mode ensuring it draws as little power as possible – ideal if you're about to go into a meeting and be away from your desk for a while.

Simply tap the button again to rouse your PC. You can even download software that helps you calculate how much money and how many carbon units you've saved by using the Eco Button.

The Eco Button costs £14.99 from www.iwoot.com.

Eco Button energy saver

Eco Button energy saver