Duracell has launched MyGrid – a wireless device charger that can charge up to four gadgets at once.

Simply connect the MyGrid charging pad to a power source and then slip a Power Sleeve (which fit over your device) or Power Clip (these connect to your device's charging port and curve round the back of your gadget) to any item you want to charge. Place the device on the MyGrid - this ensures the electrical contacts on the clips and sleeves are in direct contact with the pad's energised surface and charging can begin.

There are currently seven different Power Sleeves and Power Clips that fit Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, Nokia mobile phones and other handsets and devices that charge using a micro-USB or mini-USB connector.

As soon as your device has been fully charged, the MyGrid stops offering power to that device, ensuring your gadgets won't be over-charged and you won't be wasting electricity, which is not only bad for the environment but also a negative impact on your wallet.

Duracell says the touch-sensitive MyGrid, which measures 170x214x20mm, can detect when moisture and metal such as keys and coins are touching the charging pad. Should this happen it will automatically shut off ensuring there is no chance of an electric shock.

The Duracell MyGrid is priced at £69.99, while the Power Sleeves and Power Clips cost £19.99. They are available now from Duracell's dedicated website.

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