It's been a challenging week for commuting, that's for sure, what with the persistent snow and ice and the lack of public transport. Even if you can squeeze aboard the 7.12 from Gravesend, the chance of arriving at your office on time and unfrazzled are less than ever.

But imagine how much worse it would be if your musical cocoon was to fail you and you had to acknowledge the proximity of your fellow travellers? Your iPod battery dies and you have to endure the snuffles and moans and the interminable beep of text message alerts as Joan from accounts texts Bill the boss to explain the obvious issues of getting from A to B.

Dexim BluePack iPhone charger The Dexim BluePack is designed for just such a calamitous scene. It gives a failing iPod or iPhone a new lease of life - up to 36 hours more audio playback, in fact. The pocketable powerpack slips in your briefcase or handbag and is able to power up many types of iPod or iPhone. Expect up to 3.5 hours more talktime on your phone, for example.

You obviously have to pre-charge the device so it's primed with power before you set out - a special AC adapter can be bought separately if you don't fancy waiting for the BluePack to charge up via USB.

At £29.95 from Firebox, it's the sort of gadget that could not only salvage your peace of mind but also keep your iPhone juiced up ready to call for assistance should you find yourself stranded in the icy wastelands.