Hong Kong-based gadget and accessory maker Brando has started selling a mobile phone charger that works with a host of different mobile makes. The Connectland device uses a single power supply to recharge several devices at once.

There are a number of such devices that use the power of the sun to recharge a range of different gadgets, but these provide only a temporary solution to a lack of juice - and, besides, what sunshine? It's nearly arctic out there.

Instead, the Connectland multi-phone charger is a mains-powered adapter for the best-known handset brands, so whether it's a Nokia, a BlackBerry, a Motorola or a Samsung, you and your colleagues have a fighting chance of being able to stay powered up. It simply needs one of a group of frequent business travellers to remember to pack one and you're all set.

It can also cut down on all those annoying round robin emails that fly round the office asking whether someone, anyone, has a Nokia/Samsung/Motorola charger they can borrow and that might just save the sender's bacon.

If you're like me and have a dinky mobile phone on which to chat and text with mates and a separate BlackBerry or other smartphone containing your business-only  and that you use for email and web browsing, it may even be worth shelling out the pricely sum of $18 (plus $3 worldwide delivery charge) and keeping one in your overnight bag. 

Available from Brando. For details, click here.

Connectland multi-phone charger