Clever Peg Wi-Fi rain-checker Firebox has launched a new type of Wi-Fi dongle - the Clever Peg. The pen-sized gadget has a built-in receiver that communicates with your iPhone.

Why? Well if you've got your washing on the line and get your head into completing a report, watching Hollyoaks or distracted by the kids, you may not notice that the good old British weather has turned damp.

Clever Peg Wi-Fi rain-checker

The Clever Peg is able to sense precipitation in the air and give your iPhone a buzz to alert you that rain is on the way. You can then dash outside and bring in the washing before it gets wet all over again.

The solar-powered device requires no independent power source as it has a solar panel strip along the length of one side. The Clever Peg iPhone app can be downloaded for free from the iPhone App Store. 

The Clever Peg costs £39.99 from

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