BeBook NEO e-book reader BeBook has launched a new e-book reader that is both touch-enabled and has Wi-Fi. The NEO can even be used for basic web surfing, extending its BeBook predecessors' capabilities beyond pure digital page provision.

The Neo's makers expect the Wi-Fi function to be used to track down web-based book stores from which digital publications can be downloaded. The e-book reader supports PDF, Jpeg, ePub and .txt file formats. Both unprotected and DRM-protected PDFs can be read.

Based on open-source architecturethe BeBookNeo directs owners via a web portal that displays a map showing where they can select their country and see details of third-party book retailers as well as the more established stores.

Powered by a Freescale processor, the Neo's battery should last for up to 7,000 hours before needing to be recharged. E-book reader technology uses only a trickle of energy and the page needs to be refreshed only when the user 'turns' the virtual page.

Lastly, the BeBook Neo's touch-sensitive screen comes courtesy of graphics tablet specialist Wacom. It can be used as a digital sketchpad and to mark up and annotate text.

BeBook NEO e-book reader


BeBook NEO e-book reader