We're not sure we'd take our favourite gadgets swimming with us, but Thumbs Up World reckons there's no reason why you shouldn’t trust its 100 percent waterproof case enough to give it a go. The Aqua Phone Case fits all versions of the iPhone and BlackBerry plus most Android handsets and promises to protect them from the elements at depths of up to a metre. The protective case could also come in handy on the beach as you won't need to worry about sand getting into the headphone port or scratching the screen.

Cleverly, the transparent portion of the cover allows you to use the touchscreen controls on your smartphone through it, so you can start and stop underwater video recording or take photos on it. We’re told you can even conduct a FaceTime chat with your iPhone in its case (though not from underwater).

The £19.99 Aqua Phone Case will go onsale in August via www.thumbsupworld.co.uk