Apple today held an iPhone event, at which it announced two new iPods, announcing a new iPod nano, and a new iPod touch.

The new iPod nano comes with various clock faces and is available today costing $129 in the States for an 8GB, and $169 for the 16GB device.

The new iPod touch will run iOS 5 and the Apple iCloud - meaning it will have iMessage, making it an attractive device for youngsters. It now comes in white or black and will cost $199 for an 8GB version, $299 for 32GB, and for the 64GB flavour, $399. The iPod touch is due out on October 12. We'll get UK prices just as soon as they are announced.

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Speaking in the same building in which the original iPod was launched, new CEO Tim Cook said: "This is my first product launch since being made CEO.

"It is a pleasure to host you today. I consider it the privilege of a lifetime to have worked here [at Apple] almost 14 years."

Cook opened his presentation by talking about the new Apple Stores the company's consumer arm has opened in China. These include the Store in Nanjing, which is the largest in Asia and - according to Cook - had 100,000 visitors on the opening weekend, and an Apple Store in Hong Kong airport.

Cook also spoke about OS X 10.7 Lion, saying the Apple OS had been downloaded 6 million times, and boasted about the succes of Mac hardware, saying that the iMac and Macbook are the best-selling notebook and desktop PCs, in the US. He also claimed that Apple has now sold more than 300 million iPods.

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Cook said that since iTunes started in April 2003, it has built up a musical arsenal of 30 million songs, and that 16 billion songs had been downloaded. "It's mind-boggling. And that's our music business, we're very happy with our music business," he said.

Speaking about the Apple iPad, Cook spoke about the many different professions and industries that are using Apple's tablet, before claiming the three out of every four tablets sold in the US are iPads, and that Apple has sold more than a quarter of a billion iOS devices. 

Scott Forstall, head of iOS for Apple, joined Cook on stage to say: "there are now 500,000 apps on the App Store. 140,000 of these developed specifically for the iPad."

He said that there have been 18 billion downloads from the app store, and apps are now being downloaded at a rate of 1 billion per month.