Having won over smartphone users around the globe, OnePlus is now moving on to TVs. In October 2018 it announced plans to enter the smart TV market, continuing its aim to "improve the human experience through simplicity, efficiency and intelligent functionality".

At the time OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau said that while the wider technology industry has advanced rapidly over the past decade TVs have been left behind, describing them as "conventional and cumbersome".

In what is described as a natural progression for the OnePlus brand, its entry into the smart TV market allows the company to bring together its high-quality hardware and seamless user experience with a minimalistic and timeless design.

A competition run by the company that allowed fans to name its new device has now come to a close, with the 10 winners listed below. OnePlus says it will pick an overall winner at a later date, but with the disclaimer that it might not use any of these names after all.

  • Apex
  • Arena
  • Aspire
  • Canvas
  • Epic One
  • Epic TV
  • Innova
  • Intelly+
  • Nese
  • NS1

When is the OnePlus TV release date?

Though OnePlus has not offered a timeline on when the TV will launch, many were under the impression it could be as soon as early 2019.

However, Trusted Reviews recently caught up with Lau at the recent Snapdragon Summit and learned that our hopes of a 2019 release date may be unfounded.

Lau claimed the TV was still in the "exploratory phase", and although the company has a "very aggressive plan" in place he said the development team "didn’t want to put a deadline on the product".

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