IMAX is seeking to improve the quality of the content we watch in our homes with its new certification program which seeks to raise the standard of the audio/video supplied by televisions, projects and sound systems.

The certification program is called IMAX Enhanced and is being created in collaboration with DTS. This will outline a standard of audio and visual quality that hardware manufacturers must meet if they wish to receive the certification from IMAX, which is further explained on the IMAX Enhanced website. These standards are established by IMAX itself, DTS and Hollywood’s leading colourists to create a unique experience on premium devices.

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The company is designing an IMAX mode for these enhanced devices that will be “meticulously optimized to play digitally re-mastered content to deliver the best viewing and listening experience on that device”.

This is great news for home cinema enthusiasts as the company also states that certain titles filmed with IMAX cameras or formatted for IMAX screens will be displayed in the expanded IMAX aspect ratios that are usually only found in cinemas.

The program is set to launch between now and December of this year. The website has a handy FAQ section if you would like more information, including details on how the IMAX advanced service will operate on non-certified devices.