Samsung today announced a 14.6Mp digital SLR camera. The Samsung GX-20 offers continuous shooting from 3 to 9 frames per second (fps) and features a wide view 2.7in TFT LCD screen with live view on screen or through the optical viewfinder.

The Samsung GX-20 features an Enhanced Digital Filter, which allows for a greater range of exposures to be used or can add various effects and compensate for missing pixels after taking a picture. The GX-20 also comes with Optical Picture Stabilisation (OPS) technology, which shifts the Charge Coupled Device (CCD) by oscillating the image sensor vertically and horizontally, to counter any movement of the camera’s body and prevent blurred pictures. This function also eliminates the need for additional anti-shake lenses

The Samsung GX-20's water-resistant and anti-dusting body sealing protects 72 different parts of the camera while the Dual Dust Removal System removes particles from the sensor, resulting in perfect, blemish-free pictures.

Users will also benefit from the one-touch RAW button, which allows for RAW file shooting. Files can then be checked on the LCD and directly converted to JPEG format using the Samsung GX-20's built-in converter.

Samsung also today announces the launch of two new lenses, giving both GX-20 and GX-10 series users even more freedom to express their creativity. The 18-55mm II F3.5~F5.6 and 18-250mm F3.5~F6.3 are also compatible with Samsung's GX-10 digital SLR. The GX-20 is expected to cost £699 and will be available along with the lenses from March 2008.

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