We couldn't help feeling sorry for Google back in October 2018 when it finally unveiled its long anticipated smart display - just as Amazon took the wraps off its second-gen Echo Show, now with a larger 10in screen.

The latest rumours suggest Google is also working on a larger version of its Home Hub, bizarrely with the name 'Nest Hub Max', which is a weird mash-up of its Nest security products, Google Home Hub and Google Home Max. If it hadn't come from a screenshot taken on Google's own site (via Android Police), we'd be dubious.

Going some way to explain this, the screenshots grabbed before the listing was pulled from Google's site reveal that the Nest Hub Max has a built-in camera. You'll remember that this was left off the original Home Hub to allay fears of the smart speaker 'spying' on its users, but with its Echo rival featuring a camera the inability to video call other users seems to be a limitation. Here it seems you'll be able to not only make video calls using Google Duo, but take advantage of built-in motion sensors and a camera for CCTV.

While the 'Nest' part of that name might refer to the security implications, and the 'Hub' to its 10in HD display, the 'Max' surely refers to its audio. The Nest Hub Max will feature stereo speakers, according to the leak.

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When is the Nest Hub Max coming out?

This is the first we've heard of a larger Google Home Hub, but if it's making an appearance on Google's own site it cannot be far from completion and we're unlikely to have to wait until the annual hardware event in October for news. More likely is we'll see the Nest Hub Max announced at Google I/O, with the keynote taking place on 7 May 2019.

How much will Nest Hub Max cost?

With its built-in camera and larger display the Nest Hub Max will certainly cost more than the 7in Home Hub, which currently retails at £139. Meanwhile, Amazon's Echo Show 2 retails at £219.99. We suspect we'll see a price that falls somewhere between the two, perhaps around the £200 mark.

We'll update you when we hear more.

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