Devolo 1.2Gps Powerline Gigabit adapters

Home networking specialist Devolo is to showcase a new range of Powerline adapters that it boasts will have theoretical maximum speeds of 1.2Gbps (1,200Mbps).

Such speeds will be possible, says the company, using Devolo’s patented range+ Technology and MIMO technology, and improve upon existing 600Mbps Powerline top speeds. Now read: Best Powerline adapters.

MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) enables simultaneous data transmission over live and neutral conductors as well as live and earth wires, and promises twice the speed for data transmission available via the Powerline. Also read: What is Powerline and how does it work.

The first product available in this gigabit range will be the Devolo dLAN 1200+, which is equipped with a gigabit LAN connection, mains filter and an integrated electrical socket, allowing users to turn power plug sockets in the home in to a gigabit network access point.

When in use, the dLAN 1200+ uses a maximum of 4.2 watts, and if the connected terminal device is switched off, the adapter automatically goes into standby mode, using just 0.7 watts.

Users can activate the 128-bit AES encryption at the push of a button to avoid any unauthorised access to the network.

The dLAN 1200+ is equipped with a gigabit Ethernet connection and a gigabit Ethernet cable. The adapter has an integrated electrical socket and mains filter.

The adapters can be purchased as a starter kit for setting up a home network or as individual adapters to extend an existing network. The starter kit is priced at £119.99, while the single adapter costs £64.99.

Devolo will showcase the new 1.2Gbps Powerline adapters at September’s huge IFA technology show in Berlin.

Devolo Home Control

The company will also be showing off its new Home Control range. See Digital Home Advisor.

This DIY smart-home technology line of products includes movement and smoke detectors, radiator thermostats and switchable power outlets, all controlled and configured using a new ‘my devolo’ application.  

“Whether it's a coffee machine that automatically starts ten minutes before breakfast, a switch that sets the entire house to night mode, or a motion detector that can tell people from pets, the possibilities for creating a smart home are endless,” says Devolo.