Why give house room to a hulking great projector that eats electricity as though no credit crunch existed, when you can have a cheaper, less leccy-sapping display device like this dinky number?

The Aiptek Pocket Cinema is really designed to show off the video and photos imprisoned on your portable gadgets on a more acceptable screen size. It can produce images up to 50ins across from a distance of 1.8m. Not bad for a device that's just 12.5cm long.

Not only will showing off your photos and video using this projector save you squinting, it could also save you having to lug a laptop with you whenever you want to do show off a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, you can save the slideshow to the 1GB internal memory, to an SD Card or even your mobile phone or iPod. It can attach to a range of devices. The Pocket Cinema weighs 100g (without battery) and has a resolution of 640x480.

The Aiptek Pocket Cinema costs £299 inc VAT and is available from Firebox.com.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema micro projector