Aiptek Mobile Cinema DVD Projector Mini projectors have become quite the thing now that portable gadgets are able to store and play complete TV shows and even feature films. But you don't want to watch a 90-minute docudrama on a cramped 3.5in screen - not when you can project it on to the nearest wall, anyway.

The Mobile Cinema DVD Projector applies the same logic for DVDs. DVDs are light and compact and therefore convenient to take with you; projectors and TV screens are less portable, but it would be good to be able to slot a DVD film into a small gadget and enjoy its contents whenever the urge takes you. The LED light of the Mobile Cinema displays an image up to 50in in diameter. Video is displayed in standard 4:3 ratio, rather than the 16:9 of widescreen Hollywood movies, but most DVDs are designed for the more traditional, squarer output.

Powered from any mains outlet and drawing 30 Watts of power, the Mobile Cinema weighs 1.18kg and can be used to throw images on to a wall or screen as little as 40cm away. It can accept both shop-bought and home recorded DVDs. DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W are supported, along with Mpeg, 2 and 4. Aiptek has also included a microphone jack so, should you decide to insert the soundtrack to Mamma Mia or a karaoke backing track, you can sing along.

The £159 inc VAT projector will be available from

Aiptek Mobile Cinema DVD Projector