Touch Book netbook We got pretty excited when we came across details online of the Touch Book - it's a touch-sensitive laptop along similar lines to a tablet PC but its screen doesn't just swivel; it's actually detachable. It's also priced at an eye-popping $399. A tablet only version is also available for $100 less.

Specifications include an 8.9in (1024x600-pixel) screen, ARM OMAP3 processor, 8GB of SSD (solid state) memory, 802.11 a, b, g and n Wi-Fi, speakers, four USB ports and a battery life of around 10 hours.

Interestingly, the four external USB ports are joined by four more internal ones. Why? So the items you routinely need to plug in to a laptop can be connected but don't protrude and get in the way or get damaged.

Another interesting idea is that the ARM processor allows the Touch Book to be 'always on' - you don't need to boot it up and wait for it to be ready for use. The model with detachable keyboard (or screen, depending on how you look at it) weighs around 3lb.

Creator Always Innovating has a huge backlog of US orders it's working its way through and is looking to ramp up production and international sales by October.

The Touch Book will cost $399 or $299 ex VAT for the model without a keyboard. International shipping and tax are extra. For full details see

Touch Book netbook

The Always Innovating Touch Book will have a detachable keyboard

Touch Book netbook

When folded up, the Touch Book resembles any other netbook

Touch Book netbook

The Touch Book can be used as a tablet PC