Packard Bell X3.0 media centre PC Packard Bell's iPower X3.0 desktop gaming PC is powered by Intel's Core i5 processor and owes its design to the interior of street racing cars. Nods to over-excitable motoring include its red lighting effect and graffiti-like logo.

A number of ports and key function buttons (including PhotoFrame and MyBackUp) are slanted towards the user, in a design similar to a race car control panel.

Two additional USB ports are positioned on top of the machine making it easy to connect a digital camera or MP3 player. The Packard Bell iPower has two 1.5TB hard drives, along with the choice of either an ATI or nVidia GeForce graphics processor.

An Intel Core i7 version is also available.

The Core i5 model is available now for £899 inc VAT. See for full details.

Packard Bell X3.0 media centre PC


Packard Bell X3.0 media centre PC


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